Business Model

Our Business model is built on eight critical parameters.

  • “Market First and Make to Order” is the first and foremost business model followed by ABY Farmers, especially in the initial years. We ensure that the market linkages are established at all levels viz., private institutions, government institutions and departments, wholesale vendors, online stores etc., prior to the production of any value-added products.

  • Procurement through FPCs: We associate with Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs)/ Farmer Organisations, Farmer Facilitating Organisations (FFOs) wherever possible, for procurement of raw materials from the farmers. We make FPCs as our partners to ensure more accountability and ownership. We enter into MoUs with the state level nodal agencies who are promoting FPCs, wherever possible. We impart Quality training to the identified procurement committee members of FPCs on the commodities to be procured from the farmers. Dedicated team from ABY Farmers will supervise the overall quality of the commodities procured in the villages. For ensuring decent quality procurement of commodities at the village level, ABY Farmers will coordinate with agencies who provide regional/ local level cleaning and grading services and connect them to the FPCs for availing those paid services by the farmers at the village level.

  • Storage in strategic locations: We identify strategic locations for storing of the commodities procured in the villages and collaborate with government/private agencies and FPCs for getting the required storage space in the existing warehouses. WE also identify village level Storage locations for storing the commodities till the commodities are transported to the central warehouses.

  • Price Risk Management: We make all efforts to minimise the risk exposure of the commodities procured from the farmers and stored for trading later. We explore all possible Price risk management measures like future contracts, hedging, tie up with companies/ processors etc to minimise the price variation risk exposure. We will also create Price Fluctuation Fund (PFF) out of the surplus earned by the organisation.

  • Tie up with existing processors as a first priority: We explore and tie up with the existing processing facilities, including the processing units set up by FPCs and other institutions and utilise their processing capacity either by taking on lease or giving job works. We also encourage SHGs or federations of SHGs, in coordination with SHG promoting agencies or government institutions, to set up the required processing facilities with assured bye back arrangements. We consider setting up of own processing facilities when the existing processing facilities are neither available nor feasible.

  • Collaboration with Research Institutions: Keeping in view of the market needs/ trends, we will continuously and extensively strive to come with better range of products/services, in active collaboration with existing research institutes.

  • Pre-harvesting Services to the Farmers: We will effortlessly work with like-minded organisations to ensure that the farmers get timely support services viz., soil testing, inputs, training and capacity building on best practices etc., for increasing their overall production and thereby higher income to them.

  • Leveraging Information Technology We lay strong emphasis on leveraging and integrating the information technology in all its operations and deploy all the possible IT solutions for ensuring efficient practices and for achieving better results.

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