Priority Commodities

Our prime focusis on the farmers who are cultivating in the rainfed regions in India. Majority of the farmers in the rainfed areas cultivate pulses and millets. As the market price realisation of the farmers in these rainfed areas in not so lucrative, even small additional income per acre to the farmers in the rainfed areas is very important and will contribute to their livelihood security. Hence, we willpredominantly work on pulses and millets crops in the initial period and expand to other crops later. As a principle, tobacco crop has been eliminated from the list of priority crops to work with farmers.

We will follow cluster and farmer centric approach. We will intervene, based on the market feasibility, procurement of other crops produced by the pulse and millet farmers, as needed.

  • Operational Area: We have initiatedour operations in the state of Telangana, India in year 2017. However, given the right opportunities and resources, we will venture into any territory in India in the subsequent years.

  • Minimum Assured Price (MAP): From second year onwards, we will announce Minimum Assured Price (MAP) on select commodities (which are traded on Futures market) initially and gradually expand to all the commodities that are dealt by us. The MAP rate will always be higher than the MSP rate announced by the government in any fiscal year. MAP rate will be applicable to the farmers who are willing to give their produce to ABY Farmers LLP by taking 70% of the MAP rate at the time of procurement and the balance amount either in 1 month or 3 months and the MAP rates will vary accordingly.

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